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FL-B Series Fluidized Granulator
The powder grannle in the container (fluidization)appear in the state of fluidization. It is preheated and mixed with chen and heated air. At the same time the solution of adhesive solvent is fogged and sprayed into the container.
FLP Series Fluid-bed granulator/pelletor/coater
FLP Granulator/Coater/Pelleter is multi-function equipment integrated spray drying-granulating-centrifugal spray coating-fluid coating-drying in one body.
LDP Series Fluid-Bed Coater
Fluid-bed coater is a new style coating equipment that combined fluid-bed spraying technology and coating well. It is wide used for film slow and control releasing coating, framework slow and control releasing capsule, pellet coating, granule, powder coating, etc.
XLB Series Rotor Fluid-bed Pelleter and Coater
Powder or seed granule in rotated fluid will undertaken the action of air floading force in ring gap, rotating centrifugal force and gravity itself and appear cycle rope strain shape.
LBF Series Turbojet Fluid-bed Granulator Coater
LBF Turbojet fluid-bed granulator coater has vane-shape bottom of hopper which has a certain lean, let the air flow pass through the rift then form circle-shape strong air flow.
PGL-B Series Spraying dryer granulator(one-step
PGL-B machine is suitable for Chinese traditional medicine granule, such as calpsule and no or low sugar and tablet or coating of granule.
GSL Series High-Speed Mixing Granulator
GSL high speed mixer granulator is a high efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one procedure.
BZJ Series Centrifugal Granulator/Coater
Powder coating and granulating
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