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In the spirit of keeping a low profile: accumulate steadily!

General purpose: to create harmony in moderation; to smooth pursuit of refinement!

Service concept: to serve customers as the first priority; customer satisfaction as the highest goal!

Middle pass values:

Integrity: only good faith to survive;

Crisis: only the crisis is alive;

Perfection: only perfect;

Innovation: only innovation is new;

Team: only the team has strength;

Efficiency: only the speed of efficiency!

Concept of talent:

People oriented --

To create a fair opportunity for personal development of employees, to cultivate the sense of pride and belonging, to promote the comprehensive development of staff.

Accept new information, learn new knowledge, acquire new skills and provide good conditions and facilities.

Building a first-class staff, focusing on quality training.

Quality policy: Based on the quality of survival; based on innovation and development!

Quality objectives: to ensure that the factory pass rate of 100%; the pursuit of customer satisfaction rate of 100%!

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Add:Jiaoxi, Zhenglu, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

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