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DWT Series Dryer for Vegetable Dehydration


DWT series vegetable dehydration dryer is a special equipment developed on the basis of the traditional mesh belt dryer, which has strong pertinence, practicability and high efficiency. Widely used in various vegetable dehydration, such as garlic, pumpkin, giant clam, white radish, yam, bamboo shoots, dtc in different regions and seasons, our factory has more than 50 customers, more than 80 production lines are put into operation. Our factory is a company with the most extensive experience, specializing in the production of vegetable dehydration dryers. Our factory technicians provide after-sales service to customers throughout the year to help customers debug and produce. Therefore, they have mastered the first-hand practical data, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, to improve and improve the equipment. Until the third generation. DWT series dryers for vegetable dehydration have been developed. We are providing our customers with advanced production equipment. According to the characteristics of raw materials, too dry and the customer's process requirements, combined with more than ten years of experience, we have made the most suitable dryers for vegetable dehydration. This series of equipment won the CNP, its patent.

It can satisfy drying of different vegetables such as roots, salt, leaves, tuber rot, large granules and mass production. Meanwhile, it can maintain the nutrients, colors and so on of vegetables to the greatest extent.
The raw materials are garlic, pumpkin, giant clam, radish, yam, bamboo shoots, peppers, onions, apples, etc.

Its dry area, air pressure, air volume, drying temperature and mesh belt speed can be adjusted to suit different vegetable characteristics and quality requirements.
It can adapt to different processes according to the different characteristics of vegetables, and is equipped with necessary auxiliary equipment.

The dryer for vegetable dehydration consists of feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger, damp exhaust fan, etc.
When operation, air will be entered into dryer and heated through heat exchanger. Being adapted scientific and reasonable cycle method, the hot air will pas through raw materials to be dried on the bed and carry out uniform heat exchange. Under the action of cycle fan, the hot air stream inside each unit of the dryer will carry out hot air cycle. Final air with low temperature and high damp will be out. The whole drying process with stably and high effect will be finished.

Model DWT1.6-Ⅰ
(Platform of feeding)
(Middle platform)
(Platform of discharge)
(Platform of feeding)
(Middle platform)
(Platform of discharge)
Width of belt mm 1.6 1.6 1.6 2 2 2
Length of drying section m 10 10 8 10 10 8
Thickness of raw material layer mm ■100 ■100 ■100 ■100 ■100 ■100
Operation temperature℃ 50-150℃ 50-150℃ 50-150℃ 50-150℃ 50-150℃ 50-150℃
Heat exchange area m2 525 398 262.5 656 497 327.5
Steam pressure Mpa 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8 0.2-0.8
Drying time h 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.2
Total power KW 15.75 12.75 9.55 20.75 16.75 12.55
Overall Dimensions m 12×1.81×1.9 12×1.81×1.9 10×1.81×1.9 12×2.4×1.92 12×2.4×1.92 10×2.4×1.92

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