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PZG Hot Water Paddle/Oar Blade Harrow/Rake Dryer


1. Description:
The Paddle/Oar Blade Dryer is a new type of dryer that combines the principle of heat drying of the blade dryer to provide higher drying efficiency and is suitable for various raw materials.
The inside is equipped with paddles and screws, and the raw materials are continuous, axially and radially mixed to make the material drying more uniform. Using the paddles and the screw, when the raw materials are turned over by the stirring blades, they accelerate the contact of the material with the heating surface of the dryer, so that the heat transfer rate is increased, which is favorable for evaporation of water.
2.1 The raw material charging cylinder is equipped with a heating sleeve, and the jacket is provided with a heat insulation layer to prevent heat transfer and reduce heat loss. The vent hole is provided with a lower part of the cylinder, and the top of the cylinder has two feed holes and one exhaust port. When feeding, the raw materials should be uniformly fed from the two feed holes. The optimal feed amount is about 60%-80% of the volume of the cylinder, and the maximum feed amount should not exceed 80%, otherwise it will affect the smooth discharge of gas evaporation. . When the raw material is thick, the feed amount should be reduced to prevent the drive motor from being overloaded and damaging the equipment.
2.2 The hollow shaft is placed in the center of the cylinder, and the heating medium will be placed in the shaft (such as heat transfer oil or hot water).
2.3 On a hollow shaft with a certain angle of blade distribution, the blade is also hollow during the heating process, and the inlet and outlet of the hot oil conduction are installed inside the blade to ensure the heat transfer efficiency during the drying process.
2.4 Seals: Shafts and cylinders are equipped with seals.
2.5 Gearbox: In addition to special models, we usually use chain or gear transmission. The pivot bearing uses a combination of double bearings, tapered roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings to meet radial and axial force requirements.

3.Structural features:
3.1 Compact structure and small footprint.
3.2 High heat utilization rate and low operating cost.
3.3 The raw material has wide adaptability and uniform drying degree.
3.4 is suitable for drying a variety of raw materials.
Applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries with compact structure, the industry does not contain organic solvents or flammable substances of conductive drying.

5.Technical parameters
Item Model PZG-0.8-2.4 PZG-1.0-2.4 PZG-1.2-2.4 PZG-1.3-2.8
Total volume(L) 1200 1885 2715 3500
Working volume(L) 725 1200 1630 2100
Heating area(m2 7.35 10.25 12.5 17.5
Heating medium Hot conduction oil or hot water
Revolution of blade(rpm) 5~12.5(Depends on the raw material,min 3rpm/,Max 25rpm, with speed regulation motor above 10rpm)
Power(Kw) 4 5.5/7.5 7.5 15
Pressure inside cylinder(Mpa) Normal pressure Normal pressure Normal pressure Normal pressure
Pressure inside jacket (Mpa) Normal pressure Normal pressure Normal pressure Normal pressure
Max pressure inside jacket(Mpa) Normal pressure
Pressure inside container(Mpa) Normal pressure
Max temperature of medium(℃) ≤200(The boiling point of medium should be 20℃ higher than operation temperature)
Drying strength 10-60(kg.H2O/m2.h)

6.Working principle
The main structure of the paddle/oar blade harrow/rake dryer is a cylinder and a rotating hollow shaft mounted in the center of the cylinder. The hollow paddle/oar blades are distributed on the shaft, and the heating is transmitted through the surfaces of the jacket and the hollow blades in the cylinder. During the heating process, the blades will also mix the materials to update the heating zone. It is a continuous heating transfer dryer.

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